Friday, November 28, 2014

Your Dreams.

Stop it! Don’t do it. You see, your dreams are yours no one else’s. Your vision is unique and no one will be able to understand it as much as you. You know that dream like the palm of your hand so why would you ask someone to redraw it for you or for direction… Why?

Often times we want to hear someone else say you got this… you can do it but we often hear ummm but have you thought about this or that or worse we get blank stares like we just told them we are planning to move Mt. Everest to China… on our own. Sometimes if you keep telling all your friends and family members your most intimate desires about the life that you want to create for yourself it starts to become blurry.

Don’t ask people for permission about living your dreams instead tell them, be assertive, be confident, don’t ask and just do. I’m not saying not to share your dreams with people but instead consult your mom or dad or find a mentor and God to make it easier. Find that one person who dares to believe wildly in you, without hesitation, without question.

Sometimes we may ask ourselves what our dreams are and we might feel unsure but find a quiet place, sit down, write down what you are good at and what makes your heart happy. Dreams come in different shapes and sizes.

It won't be easy. It will be hard. Sometimes I find myself becoming unsure. When this happens, I find my quiet place and make a list of all the awesome qualities I have that will get me where I want to go but more importantly I always make sure to consult with God. Also it helps to think about that one person that thinks you are the bee’s knees! They see the potential in you, so believe in you like they do! Get ready to walk the walk, have indestructible faith and never give up.

p.s. Embrace the Journey.



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